Psynicans (pronounced as see-ni-kans), nicknamed as 'Mango' is a neo cyber corporation which specializes in Internet Engineering Services and Web Technology. The company is headquartered in the Cultural City of Mysore with auxiliary offices in Bangalore and Karlskrona, Sweden.

Psynicans vision is to make technology available at the doorstep of every common man, and to empower India into a giant resource and market of cyber technology.

Psynicans values include, being:

Approachable: Accessible to customer and business contacts 24X7 making it easy for them to do business with Psynicans.

Customer-driven: Working closely with customers to understand and solve their cyber issues, exceeding their expectations and delivering exceptional value.

By having more than 40+ clients, numerous projects, and ancillary offices at Bangalore and Sweden in a span of six months, Psynicans is recognized as one of the most entrepreneurial and top blooming cyber companies in India.

We at Psynicans have developed a number of spider codes & tools for improving the productivity and quality of various steps in the development of a web products and services. Being one of the spin-off companies in the country we revolutionized the internet penetration in and across the nation by developing web apps & sites for affordable prices.

In two months, company processed over hundreds of outsourcing projects, and bagged more than 25 companies including Government of Karnataka & a TV Channel to its clientele. Considering the unbeaten progression of the company, the prestigious Bajaj Finserv and Fullerton India funded the company to build up its infrastructure to meet global needs.

The companys initial centre of attention was developing web apps and websites. In October 2011, Psynicans reinvented itself by including Domain Engineering and Cyber Consultation. Thus considered as one of the 'Best Web Designers in India'.

Today Psynicans attracts tons of projects every month through its creativity, innovative technology and mind-blowing services, making it one of the fastest budding cyber companies of the nation, and a world-class cyber corporation.

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